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HOA Capital Raising Solutions

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Owners Associations (COAs) need to efficiently manage their cash flow and reserve funds to keep their communities running smoothly. However, even the most responsible financial managers occasionally face instances when they do not have the working capital to take on large-scale projects, emergency repairs, or other unexpected expenses. In these situations, associations must seek out other options for raising money.

What We Offer

HOA Loan Services knows the lingo, the gotchas, and every string banks attach to a community association loan. We partner with boards across the country to cut through the confusion so you never feel like you’re agreeing to something you don’t fully understand. With loan options for every community association, we give HOAs a level playing field when applying for a loan.

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Approachable Insight

Sometimes, bankers and loan providers can get so caught up in their own world that they forget you’re just a visitor. Let HOA Loan Services be your guide. We break down the acronyms and buzzwords so you can focus on the facts to make the right choice for your capital project funding.

A condominium building with images showing how property value can increase by taking care of repairs.

Unbiased Advice

At the end of the day, the bank's employees are looking out for the bank. We look out for you and your community, period. HOA Loan Services is a financial partner. That means our only goal is securing the right financing for your community’s needs. We don’t get paid unless your community gets approved.

A condominium building with images showing how property value can increase by taking care of repairs.

Tailored Solutions

With over 30 combined years of financial expertise and 20 years serving on community association committees and trustee boards, HOA Loan Services has experience from every angle. We understand the complexities community associations face when seeking out financing opportunities, and we firmly believe it shouldn’t be so hard.

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We deliver management services, solutions, and resources that enrich the place you call home. Use our free loan calculator to estimate your communities HOA loan monthly payments.

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Client Testimonials

Jeff Points

Let me start by saying that I have 20years of experience in the loan brokerage business so I am very familiar with the process and I have high expectations from a broker. Larry and Ben met and exceeded every one of my expectations...

Dennis and Maria

As the president of my COA we were about to take on a $20 million dollar construction project. Having been underfunded in our reserves for years we needed to take a big loan. Considering we could not leverage individual units...

Timberedge Condominiums

We worked with Larry Kirschner who was responsive, informative and supportive through the entire process. If you are an HOA that isn't sure really how to begin this process, HOA Loan Services is the way to go.

Waterview Estates

As Board Treasurer, I worked directly with Mr. Kirschner to secure bank financing for our condo association. Mr. Kirschner was always proactive and responsive to the many challenges this process entailed and demonstrated great perseverance...

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